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Your Moon sign represents the sign where planet Moon is located when you were 
born. This is also called your birth 'Rasi'. Your birth Star is the star through which Moon is passing at the time of your birth. Your Moon sign and birth star represent your mind, psychology and emotional stability. moonsign. in helps you understand how the moons affecting you at a particular time in your life circle.

The 12 Constellations
The Moon is also familiar to us for its different phases, waxing and waning in appearance in an unchanging cycle. For this reason, astrologers consider the moon to be at least secondary in importance to the sun in astrological terms, and it is widely considered to be just as important as the sun. Moonsign gives you a overall picture of the movements in the universe and its effect on your course of life.
The Temples related to your Birth Rasi is listed below. The First Six Houses/Rasis i.e Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo & Virgo are of Lord Shivana Amsha and remaining Houses/Rasis Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius & Pisces are of Lord Subramanya Amsha.

* It is said that for those people who are nor aware of their Rasi and their Nakshatra can make a visit to Sri Sarabeswarar Temple – Thirubhuvanam in Tamil Nadu.
1. Sign/Rasi/House : Aries [Mesha Rasi]

Lord of the House : Kujan
Best Day to Visit the Temple : Tuesday
Symbol : Ram
Element : Tejas [Fire]
English Name : Aries
Basic Quality: Cara
Temple to Visit: Ramanathaswamy Temple, Rameswaram

All those whose star sign is Aries [Mesha Rashi] may visit Rameswaram Ramanathaswamy Temple in Tamil Nadu.

Rameswaram is also referred as Varanasi of the south. It is believed that a pilgrimage that starts at Kashi or Varanasi is complete only after worship of Lord Ramanathaswamy at Rameswaram.

Rameswaram Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple
All those people whose star sign is Aries [Mesha Rasi] may visit Rameswaram Ramanathaswamy Temple in Tamil Nadu and get the Blessings of the Lord.
For more details you may log on to my earlier Posting on Rameswaram Temple:

2. Sign/Rasi/House : Taurus [Vrishabha Rasi]

Lord of the House : Sukran
Best Day to Visit the Temple : Monday or Friday
Symbol : Bull
Element : Prithivi [Earth]
English Name : Taurus
Basic Quality : Sthira
Temple to Visit: Sri Venkateswara Temple-Thirupathi
Tirumala Venkateswara Temple [ Tamil:திருமலை திருப்பதி கோவில்] is a Hindu Temple in the hill town of Tirumala, near Tirupati in the Chitoor District of Andhra Pradesh. It is around 600 km [370 mi] from Hyderbad,138 km [86 mi]from Chennai and 291 km [181 mi]from Bangalore.
Sri Venkateswara Temple, Thirupathi
The Tirumala Hill is 853m above sea level and is about 10.33 square miles [27 km] in area. It comprises seven peaks, representing the seven heads of Adisesha, thus earning the name Seshachalam. The seven peaks are called Seshadri, Neeladri, Garudadri, Anjanadri, Vrushabhadri, Narayanadri, and Venkatadri. The temple is on Venkatadri [also known as Venkatachala or Venkata Hill], the seventh peak, and is also known as the "Temple of Seven Hills". The presiding deity of the temple is Lord Venkateswara, a form of the Hindu god Vishnu. Venkateswara is known by other names: Balaji, Govinda, and Srinivasa. The temple lies on the southern banks of Sri Swami Pushkarini, a holy water tank. The temple complex comprises a traditional temple building, with a number of modern queue and pilgrim lodging sites.
The temple is the richest pilgrimage center, after the Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, of any faith [at more than INR50,000 crore] and the most-visited place of worship in the world. The temple is visited by about 50,000 to 100,000 pilgrims daily [30 to 40 million people annually on average], while on special occasions and festivals, like the annual Brahmotsavam, the number of pilgrims shoots up to 500,000, making it the most-visited holy place in the world. 
There are several legends associated with the manifestation of the Lord in Tirumala. According to one legend, the temple has a murti [deity] of Lord Venkateswara, which it is believed shall remain here for the entire duration of the present Kali Yuga. 
All those whose star sign is Taurus [Vrishaba Rasi] may visit Tirupati Sri Venkateswara Temple in Andhra Pradesh and get the Blessings of the Lord. 
More info on this temple can be got from http://www.tirumala.org/

3. Sign/Rasi/House : Gemini [ Mithuna Rasi]
Lord of the House : Buddhan
Best Day to Visit the Temple : Wednesday
Symbol : A Pair
Element : Vayu [Air]
English Name : Gemini
Basic Quality : Dvisvabhava
Temple To Visit : Arulmigu Dandayudhapani Swami Temple - Palani

Palani Temple Devasthanam with the Hills in the Background
For more details on this beautiful Temple, you may click on the below link and view my earlier Posting on this temple which is one of the " Aarupadai Veedu" of Lord Muruga. 
All those whose star sign is Gemini [Mithuna Rasi] may visit Arulmigu Dandayudhapani Swami Devasthanam - Palani in Tamil Nadu and get the Blessing of Lord Muruga.
4. Sign/Rasi/House : Cancer [ Karkata Rasi ]

Lord of the House : Chandran
Best Day to Visit the Temple : Monday
Symbol : Crab
Element : Jal [Water]
English Name : Cancer
Basic Quality : Cara
Temple To Visit : Nandanar Kovil in Ramanathaswamy Temple in Rameswaram

Rameswaram Temple Eastern Gopuram
Rameswaram [Tamil:இராமேஸ்வரம், is a town in Ramanthapuram district in Tamil Nadu. It is located on Pamban Islands separated from mainland India by the Pamban Channel and is about 50 kilometres from Mannar Island, Sri Lanka. Pamban Island, also known as Rameswaram Island, is connected to mainland India by the Pamban Bridge. Rameswaram is the terminus of the railway line from Chennai and Madurai. Together with Kashi. it is considered to be one of the holiest places in India to Hindus, Hindus, and part of the Char Dham pilgrimages. Hence, it is a bustling pilgrim centre.
It is situated in the Gulf of Mannar at the very tip of the Indian peninsula. According to legend, this is the place from where Lord Rama built a bridge Ram Setu [also known as Adams Bridge] across the sea to Lanka to rescue his consort Sita from her abductor Ravana. Both the Vaishnavites and Shaivites visit this pilgrimage centre which is known as the Varanasi of the south.
All those whose star sign is Cancer [ Karkata Rasi] may visit Nandanar Kovil in Rameswaram Ramanathaswamy Temple. 
When you plan your visit to Rameswaram, you can visit the Nadanar Temple and get the Blessings of the Lord .
5. Sign/Rasi/House : Leo [ Simha Rasi ]
Lord of the House : Suryan
Best Day to Visit the Temple : Sunday
Symbol : Lion
Element : Tejas [Fire]
English Name : Leo
Basic Quality : Sthira
Temple to Visit : Vaanchinathar Temple - Tiruvaanchiyam [Srivanchiyam]
Srivanchiyam Temple Gopuram
For more info on this temple, you may click on the link and view my earlier Posting on this temple which is listed under the "Temples-at-par with Kasi" ...... http://divyadarisanams.blogspot.in/2009/11/temples-at-par-with-kasi.html

All those whose star sign is Leo [Simha Rasi] may visit Vaanchinathar Temple - Tiruvaanchiyam [Srivanchiyam] in Tamil Nadu and get the Blessings of Lord Shiva.
6. Sign/Rasi/House : Virgo [Kanya Rasi ]
Lord of the House : Buddhan
Best Day to Visit the Temple : Wednesday
Symbol : Girl
Element : Prithivi [Earth]
English Name : Virgo
Basic Quality : Dvisvabhava
Temple to Visit : Thirukazhukundram Vedagireswarar Temple

Vedagireeswarar Temple-Thirukazhukundrum
Thirukazhukundram [Tamil: திருக்கழுக்குன்றம்] is an ancient town in Kanchipuram District of the South Indian State of Tamil Nadu. 
The town is famous for its Hindu temple, Vedagiriswarar temple, popularly known as Kazhugu koil [Eagle temple]. There are two temples, one in the basement of the hill and other atop the hill. The main attraction here is the large temple located atop the mountain which houses the deity of Vedagiriswarar, Lord Shiva. The temple at the foothills is dedicated to Thirupurasundari amman, Parvathi, the consort. It is surrounded by four gopurams which resemble the temple architecture of Thiruvanamalai Annamalaiyaar temple. 
The four Naayanmaars and the greatest Saiva poets Apar, Sundarar, Manickavasagar. Thirugnanasamandhar collectively known as 'Naalvar' came to this place and sang the praises of Lord Siva and there is a separate temple dedicated to them in the place called 'Naalvar kovil'. Tamil devotional poet Arunagirinathar composed many of his hymns of Thirupugazh in Thirukazhukundram.
Thirukazhukundram is located on State Highway 58 between Sadras and Tirutani, 70 km away from Chennai and 15 km away from the famous tourist town Mahabalipuram. [Sadras is the anglicized form of the ancient town of Chadhuranga Pattinam]
All those whose star sign is Virgo [Kanya Rasi] may visit Vedagireswarar Temple in Thirukazhukundram to get the Blessings of the Lord.
7. S ign/Rasi/House : Libra [Tula Rasi ]

Lord of the House : Sukran
Best Day to Visit the Temple : Friday Evening
Symbol : Balance
Element : Vayu [Air]
English Name : Libra 
Basic Quality : Cara
Temple to Visit : Subramanya Swami Temple - Tiruttani

Sri Subramanya Temple- Thiruthani
For more details on this Temple you may click on the below link and view my earlier Posting on this temple in :
All those whose star sign is Libra [Tula Rasi] may visit Subramanya Swami Temple - Tiruttani in Tamil Nadu and get the Blessings of the Lord.
8. Sign/Rasi/House : Scorpio [ Vrischika Rasi ]

Lord of the House : Kujan
Best Day to Visit the Temple : Tuesday
Symbol : Scorpion
Element : Jal [Water]
English Name : Scorpio
Basic Quality : Sthira
Temple to Visit : Ekambareswarar Temple - Kanchipuram

Ekambareswarar Temple - Kancheepuram
More info on this temple can be viewed from my earlier Posting under Lord Shiva's Mayanams. Click on the link to read....
All those whose star sign is Scorpio [Vrischika Rasi] have to visit this ancient Temple of Ekambareswarar - Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu and get the Blessings of the Lord.
9. Sign/Rasi/House : Sagittarius [Dhanu Rasi ]
Lord of the House : Guru
Best Day to Visit the Temple : Thursday
Symbol : Bow
Element : Tejas [Fire]
English Name : Sagittarius
Basic Quality : Dvisvabhava
Temple to Visit : Sri Mayuranathar Temple - Mayiladuthurai

Sri Mayuranathar Temple - Mayiladuthurai
More on this ancient temple can be viewed in my earlier Posting under " Temples-at- par with Kasi" ,mentioned below:

Those whose star sign is Sagittarius [Dhanu Rasi ] may visit Sri Mayuranathar Temple, Mayiladuthurai in Tamil Nadu and get the Blessings of the Lord.
10. Sign/Rasi/House : Capricorn [Makara Rasi ]

Lord of the House : Sani
Best Day to Visit the Temple : Saturday
Symbol : Sea-Goat
Element : Prithivi [Earth]
English Name : Capricorn
Basic Quality : Cara
Temple to Visit : Natarajar Temple - Chidambaram

Chidambaram Natarajar Temple
For more info on the above temple, you may view my earlier Posting under the "Pancha Bootha Sthalams"

All those whose star sign is Capricorn [Makara Rashi] may visit Natarajar Temple - Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu.

11. Sign/Rasi/House : Aquarius [Kumbha Rasi ]
Lord of the House : Sani
Best Day to Visit the Temple : Saturday
Symbol : Pitcher
Element : Vayu [Air]
English Name : Aquarius
Basic Quality : Sthira
Temple to Visit: Devipattinam 
All those whose star sign is Aquarius [Kumbha Rasi] may visit Devipattinam in Tamil Nadu and get the Blessings of the Lord.

The Navabashanam Temple-Devipattinam
It is known as the Navabashanan Temple. For relief from the sins accompanying each man and woman from the past birth, to offer prayers for the salvation of the departed ancestors and perform Shrardham for them, devotees visit this shrine from corners of the country. People also seek boons for children, marriage, education, longevity and prosperity.

Prayer commitments:
Devotees offer nine varieties of grains, paddy, wheat, dal varieties, pulses, Dil (Ellu) etc. They go round the deities and perform pujas to the Navagrahas – nine planets.
Humans are conducted by the nine planets and are subjected to rejoicing or sufferings based on their deeds in the previous birth. Therefore, devotees come here to worship them and get relieved of the suffering.
Sri Rama and the Planets:
According to the scriptures, pujas should be performed to Lord Vinayaka and the Navagrahas. Following this rule, Sri Rama, after completing the Vinayaka Puja in Uppur, wanted to perform the Navagraha puja in Devipattinam. He took handful of sand personifying them as a planet. As the tides of the sea rose high, he lifted his hand to calm them down. Sri Rama installed the Navagrahas this way in Devipattinam. The place is also known as Navabashana spot [Bashana – Stones]. The nine stones represent the planets
Devipattinam is 77 Kms from Rameswaram, 15 from Ramanathapuram, 115 from Madurai and 47 from Sivaganga.
While planning your trip to Rameswaram, you can visit this Navabashanam Temple too.
Considering the religious importance of Devipattinam Navagraha temple, Ramanathapuram and Rameswaram are linked by rail routes. Adequate bus facilities are available from important centres of Tamilnadu. Nearest airport is Madurai. 
The Navabashana Navagrahas are installed in the midst of calm sea and are noted for its divinity ensuring total bliss. The Navabashana temple has the added pride of their installation by the hands of Sri Rama and is choice holy place to perform Tarpan for the ancestors. The devotees perform the worship and pujas themselves. This is also the place where Rama Himself was relieved of Saturn effects. He was blessed by Lord Shiva and Parvathi here. The Easwara here is known as Thilakeswarar and the Goddess Soundaryanayaki. A very visit to this holy soil of Sethu would relieve the devotee from all his sins.
Sri Rama took a march towards Lanka to free Sita from Ravana’s captivity. Before undertaking the journey, as prescribed in the scriptures, he performed the Vinayaka Puja in Uppur and the Navagraha puja in Devipattinam by installing them each with a handful of sand and calmed the high tides by raising his hand. The Navagrahas installed by Sri Rama are the Nava Bashanas [stones] gracing the devotees in Devipattinam.
This Navagraha temple in the midst of the sea is a divine wonder since the Puranic days.

12. Sign/Rasi/House : Pisces [Meena Rasi ]

Lord of the House : Guru
Best Day to Visit the Temple : Thursday
Symbol : Fish
Element : Jal [Water]
English Name : Pisces
Basic Quality : Dvisvabhava
Temple to Visit : Vaitheeswaran Temple - Chidambaram

Sri Vaitheeswaran Temple
Vaitheeswaran Temple or Pullirukkuvelur [Tamil: வைதீஸ்வரன் கோவில்] is a Hindu temple dedicated to the god Shiva located in Tamil Nadu, India. Shiva is worshipped as Vaitheeswaran or the "God of healing" and it is believed that prayers to Vaitheeswaran can cure diseases. It is one of the nine Navagraha [nine planets] temples associated with the planet Mars [Angaraka]. The village is also known for palm leaf astrology called Naadi astrology in Tamil. 
It is located 27 km from Chidambaram. 110 km from Thanjavur, and 16 km from Mayiladuthurai.
All those whose star sign is Pisces [Kumbha Rashi] have to visit Vaitheeswaran Temple in Tamil Nadu.
The holy waters of the Siddhamirtham tank within the temple complex

contains nectar and a holy dip is believed to cure all diseases
The temple is revered by the Tevaram hymns of 7th century Saiva nayanmars - Tamil saint poets and is also classified as a Paadal Petra Sthalam [temple revered by the nayanars].

Visit rasi and Nakshatra temple of yours and get relief from all astrological doshas.

1. Mesham Ramanathaswamy Temple at Rameswaram
2. Rishabam Sivayoginathar Temple at Thiruvisanallur about 6 Kms from Thiruvidaimarudhur
3. Katakam Karkadeswarar Temple at Thirundudevankudi 1 Km away from Thiruvisanallur.
4. Thulam Subramaniya Swamy Koil at Thiruttani
5. Vrichikam Ekambareswarar Koil at Kanchipuram
6. Mithunam Murugan Temple at Palani
7. Dhanush Mayuranathar Temple at Mayavaram
8. Makaram Natarajar Temple at Chidambaram
9. Simham Vanchinathaswamy Temple at SriVanchiyam near Nannilam
10. Kumbham Thilakeshwarar temple at Devipattinam
11. Kanni Vedagireeswarar Temple at Thirukazhukundram near Chinglepet
12. Meenam Vaitheeswaran Koil near Sirkali
1. Asvini (Ashwini) Birth Star Temple Sri Bhava Oushadeeswara Temple Thiruthuraipoondi near Mannargudi in Nagapattinam District in Tamil Nadu. 
(Sacred spaces nearby include: Keerakkalur, Pandi, Tiruvidaimarudhur Pazavangudi)
2. Barani (Apa Bharani) Birth Star Temple Sri Agneeswara Temple Nallaadai on the Mayiladuthurai - Nagapattinam Road in Tamil Nadu about 20 km from Mayiladuturai and 3 km from Poraiyaar
3. Karthigai (Krittika) Birth Star Temple Sri Kaatra Sundareswara Temple Kanjanagaram on the Mayiladuthurai - Keezhaiyur - Poompuhar route in Tamil Nadu about 5 km from Mayiladuturai
4. Rohini Birth Star Temple Sri Pandava Dhoota Krishna Perumal Temple Kanchipuram (temple town) in Tamil Nadu. This temple is near Kumarakottam which is near the famous Kamakshi Temple. 
(Sacred spaces nearby: More than a 100 sacred kshetras in this great temple town.)
Lord Krishna Pedda Perumal Temple Pedda Perumal Temple is in Oomathanadu in Peravurani Taluk in Thanjavur District in Tamil Nadu. 
(Sacred Spaces nearby include: Oomathanadu Shiva Temple, Vilangulam, Ammanichatram, Perumagalur (Thamarai-Thandu-Lingam)
5. Mirugaseerisham (Mrigaseersha, Mrigasira) Birth Star Temple Sri Adi Narayana Temple EnKan on the Thanjavur - Koradacheri - Tiruvarur route in Tamil Nadu about 13 km from Koradacheri. 
Alternate Route: Kumbakonam - Kudavasal route. Kudavasal - Kapanamangalam - EnKann about 8 km. 
(Sacred Spaces nearby include: Kaapanaamangalam, Annavasal, Parutiyur, Rapatiswaram )
6. ThiruAdhirai (Arudra) Birth Star Temple Sri Abhaya Varadeeswarar Temple AdiRamPattinam near Pattukottai in Thanjavur District in Tamil Nadu about 12 km from Pattukottai. 
AdiRamaPattinam is right on the newly-laid segment of ECR (East Coast Road (Sethu Salai)). Thiruthuraipoondi - AdiRamaPattinam - Ammanichatram - Kattumavadi - Mimisal route. 
AdiRamaPattinam is about 22 km. from Meikai-AavikOttai on the Mannargudi - AavikOttai - Madukkur - Adiramapattinam route. 
(Sacred spaces nearby include: MeiKai, Madhukur, Mahadeva-pattinam)
7. Punarpoosam (Punarvasu) Birth Star Temple Sri Atiteeswarar Temple Vaniyambadi in North Arcot District on the Vellore - Aambur - Vaniyampadi - Tirupattur route in Tamil Nadu
8. Poosam (Pushya) Birth Star Temple Sri Akshayapureeswarar Temple Vilangulam in Thanjavur District some 20 km from Peravurani in Tamil Nadu. First get to Peravurani from Pudukottai or Karaikudi or Pattukottai or Thanjavur. Then get to Vilankulam. 
(Sacred spaces near Vilangulam include: Ammanichatram, Oomathanadu, Mimisal, Manjakudi, Perumagalur, Marungapallam)
9. Aayilyam (Aslesha, Ayilyam) Birth Star Temple Sri Karkateswarar Temple (locally known as Nandaangovil) ThirundhuDevankudi some 11 km from Kumbakonam temple town in Tamil Nadu.
(Sacred spaces nearby include: Thiruvisanallur, the famous Thiruvidaimarudur, etc.)
Sri Mangala Lakshmi and Mangala Ranganatha Temple Sri Mangala Ranganatha Temple in Seethakka-Mangalam in Tamil Nadu.
10. Magham (Magha, Makam) Birth Star Temple Sri Mahalinga Swami Temple Thavasimadai on the Dindigul - Nattam route in Tamil Nadu some 25 km from Dindigul.
Sri Sambho Mahadev Temple> Sri Sambho Mahadeva Temple in MahaDevaPattinam 
(Sacred spaces nearby include: Sveta Varaha Temple in MahaDevaPattinam, MeiKai, Musiri)
11. Pooram (Poorva Phalguni, Pubba) Birth Star Temple Sri Hari Theertheswarar Temple Thiruvarangulam on the Pudukottai - Pattukottai route in Tamil Nadu some 10 km from Pudukottai. 
(The great protection-shakti sacred space of Venkatakulam is nearby.)
12. Uttiram (Uttara Phalguni) Birth Star Temple Sri Mangalyeswarar Temple Idaiyatrumangalam on the Trichy - Valadi - Pachampattu - Mandhurai - Lalgudi route in Tamil Nadu
Kalyana-Mahadevi route in Tamil Nadu
13. Hastham (Hasta) Birth Star Temple Sri Krupakoopareswarar Temple Komal on the Kumbakonam - Mayiladuthurai route in Tamil Nadu some 6 km from Kuttalam
14. Chitirai (Chitra) Birth Star Temple Sri Chitra Ratha Vallabha Perumal Temple Kuruvithurai in Madurai District in Tamil Nadu some 8 km from Cholavandhan
15. Svaati (Swati) Birth Star Temple Mother Prasanna Kundhalambika and Sri Tantreeswarar Temple 
and Sri Sundararaja Perumal Temple Sittukadu some 10 km from Poonamallee (near Chennai) in Tamil Nadu on the Poonamallee - Pattabiram route
16. Visakam (Vishaka) Birth Star Temple Sri Muruga Temple Thirumalai some 7 km from Shencottah and 15 km from Tenkasi in Tirunelveli District in Tamil Nadu
17. Anusham (Anusha) Birth Star Temple Sri Lakhmsipureeswarar Temple Thirunindriyur some 7 km from Mayiladuthurai on the Mayiladuthurai - Sirkazhi route in Thanjavur District in Tamil Nadu
18. Kettai (Jyeshta, Jyestha) Birth Star Temple Sri Varadaraja Temple Pasupati Koil some 12 km from Thanjavur on the Thanjavur - Kumbakonam route in Thanjavur District in Tamil Nadu
19. Moolam (Mula, Moola) Birth Star Temple Sri Singeeswarar Temple Mappedu some 40 km from Chennai on the chennai - Thakkolam route in Tamil Nadu
20. Pooradam (Poorvashada, Purvashada, Puram) Birth Star Temple Sri Akasapureeswarar Temple Kaduveli near Thiruvaiyaru in Thanjavur District in Tamil Nadu
Sri Sambho Mahadev Temple - dual nakshatra temple The Sambho Mahadeva Temple in MahaDevaPattinam is a nakshtra temple for both Magha and Pooradam nakshatras. For info on sacred spaces nearby, see row 10 above corresponding to Magham nakshatra.
21. Uttiradam (Uttarashada, Uthiradam) Birth Star Temple Mother Meenakshi and Sri Sundareswarar Temple Keezhapoongudi on the Melur - Sivaganga route in Madurai District in Tamil Nadu
22. Thiruvonam (Sravana, Tiruvonam) Birth Star Temple Mother Alarmelmanga and Sri Prasanna Venkatesa PerumalTemple Thiruparkadal on the Chennai - Vellore route some 4 km from Kaveripakkam in Tamil Nadu
23. Avittam (Dhanista, Sravista) Birth Star Temple Mother Pushpavalli and Sri BrahmaGnanaPureeswarar Temple Korukkai near Kumbakonam on the Patteeswaram - Muzhaiyur route some 5 km from Kumbakonam bus stand in Tamil Nadu
24. Sadayam (Sathabhishak) Birth Star Temple Mother Karundharkuzhali and Sri Agneeswarar Temple Thirupugaloor some 10 km from Nannilam on the Kumbakonam - Nannilam - Nagapattinam route in Thanjavur District in Tamil Nadu
25. Pooratadhi (Poorvabhadra) Birth Star Temple Mother Kamakshi and Sri ThiruAneswarar Temple Renganathapuram some 10 km from Thirukattupalli on the Tirukattupalli - Koviladi route in Thanjavur District in Tamil Nadu
26. Uttiratadhi (Uttarabhadra) Birth Star Temple Sri Sahasra Lakshmeeswarar Temple Theeyathur some 15 km from Avudaiyar Kovil in Pudukottai District on the Avudaiyar Kovil - Thirupunnavasal route in Tamil Nadu
27. Revathi (Revati) Birth Star Temple Mother Karunakaravalli and Sri Kailasanathar Temple Kaarukudi some 2 km north of Tattayangarpettai and 1.5 km west of Mettupalayam in Musuri Taluk, Trichy District in Tamil Nadu


Sri Mahakaleshwar Temple, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh.

Ujjain is situated on the banks of the Shipra River, in the state of Madhya Pradesh, in central India. From times immemorial this area and the Shipra River have been considered as most sacred.Ujjain is known for the famous Mahakaleswar Temple which is among the 12 celebrated Jyotirlingas in India. The Mahakaleshwar temple is located near a lake and has five levels, one of which is underground. Brass lamps light the way to the underground sanctum of the temple. The glory of this temple has been vividly described in various puranas.

Temple Dedicated To Lord Shiva -The Destroyer of Universe

MahakaleshwarTemple, mentioned by the great poet Kalidasa in his works, is dedicated to Lord Shiva, the Destroyer of the Universe. The Shiva linga is worshipped throughout India as it symbolises Shiva’s incarnate power on earth. On the other hand, a jyotirlinga is the swayamabhu [self-manifested] linga, which is found only in 12 places in India.

One of the rituals performed in this temple is the Bhasm Arti that involves smearing the linga with hot ashes from the burning ghats [cremation grounds]. Shiva is believed to dwell in cremation grounds, and the ash-smearing ceremony is a homage to the Destroyer of the Universe himself. This form of worship is symbolic of Death and Life being inseparable, an idea that is inherent to most of the Hindu schools of thought. The idol of MahakaleshwarTemple is called Dakshinamurtias it faces south [dakshin: south, and murti: idol].
It is also regarded as one of the top 10 Tantra Temples of India, and has the only Bhasm-Aarti [ash ritual] of its kind in the world. However, does it live up to its hype?
The first thing you hear when you tell locals that you are planning to visit the Mahakaleshwar temple is that you must ensure you attend the “Bhasm-Aarti”. The Bhasm-Aarti is the first ritual conducted everyday at the temple, which is to wake the God Shiva up, perform “Shringar” [anoint and enrobe him for the day] and offer the first aarti [an offering of fire to the deity by circulating lamps, incense and other items]. The unique thing about this aarti is, however, the inclusion of “Bhasm” or ash from funeral pyres as one of the offerings. Mahakaleshwar is a name for the God Shiva, and means the god of Time or Death. This may be one of the reasons of the inclusion of the funeral ash. You will be assured that this aarti is something that you should not miss. The aarti begins only when fresh ash is brought in.

The Aarti begins at 4 a.m. and if we are to offer our own puja [prayer] separately, we will have to do it only after the aarti is over and we might have to wait for a couple of hours. There are two ways to gain entry into the temple to watch this aarti –- one is through the free entry line, where you don’t have to pay except for any offerings that you want to take in. The other is through a “VIP” ticket, which lets you into a shorter line and helps you gain quicker entry to the sanctum. Furthermore, if you’re in the free entry line, you’re allowed to wear what you want, as long as it is appropriate. If you’re in the VIP line, men have to wear the traditional dhoti, and women must wear sarees.
Mahakaleshwar Temple Aarti VIP Tickets
VIP tickets are available at the shrine board only between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. The “VIP” ticket is a feature followed by some of the most popular temples in India, eg. Tirupathi Temple in the South. However, the perks of the “VIP” ticket vary. Using a VIP ticket shortens the wait time to about two hours or less. But, the free entry and VIP lines merge before you enter the sanctum, so that eventually there is no difference in the two entry types.
In Ujjain, however, it is found that a VIP entry assures you really that " VIP treatment".

The original temple was destroyed during Muslim invasions, and the temple was rebuilt recently by the Sindhias in the traditional Central Indian style.
It is a five-storeyed structure at the south end of the city. The curved superstructure is adorned with motifs on all sides, rising above the colonnaded porches.
Along the walls of the corridors in the temple rest old statues and sculptures, while in the courtyard lie ruined ancient shrines.
The storeys are ornamented with pierced balustrades, and the balconies have richly decorated roofs reminiscent of the Rajput style of architecture. Screens and pavilions are combined with marble colonnades leading to the linga within the sanctuary, making Mughal architecture come alive right in the heart of this Hindu temple. The Mahakaleshwar Temple is indeed a cherished site and a sculptural delight as well.

The sanctum sanctorum of Mahakaleshwar temple in Ujjain.
Ujjain the city of Lord Mahakaleshwar, situated in western Madhya Pradesh, will draw devotees in lakhs every year when the Simhastha festival - better known as the Kumbh Mela - is celebrated from April 5 to May 5. The festival is called Simhastha due to the configuration of celestial bodies so that the sun is in Aries and Jupiter is in Leo - known as Simha rasi. It is customary for devotees to take a holy dip at this time. A snaan [bath] in the river Kshipra during the Simhastha is a way, feel the devout, to be absolved of all past sins.
The Puranas tell us that when the Devas and Asuras churned the Ocean of Milk to obtain the nectar of immortality - amrit - their joint venture resulted in a skirmish when both parties wanted to monopolise the fruit of their labour. As soon as Dhanvantari, the heavenly physician, emerged from the ocean holding the pitcher of amrit, one of the demons snatched it from him and ran off. The Gods followed in hot pursuit. Of course, later as Lord Vishnu intervened, taking the form of the enchantress Mohini, the demons were tricked into giving up the nectar, and the Gods turned out to be the immortals after all.
However, one benefit for humanity from this dispute was that some drops of the nectar spilled and made a few places on earth into the holiest of pilgrimage spots.
These holy cities where the nectar spilled are believed to be Haridwar, Prayag, Nasik and Ujjain, which are the venues for the Kumbh Melas.

Kumbh Mela
Kumbh Mela In Haridwar, Prayag, Nasik and Ujjain
Allahabad of Uttar Pradesh is the place where three holy rivers - Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati meet each other. the prayag is knows as a point where these three important and big holy rivers of India come and meet together. Kumbh mela at Nasik Maharashtra is also a very famous. nasik is situated on the banks of famous and holy Godavari river. Nasik is popular palace where godavari river come down.
Haridwar of Uttar Pradesh is a very holy city and it is the place from where the river Ganga enters the plains from Himalayas. Haridwar is also famous for kumbh mela or kumbh fair. Ujjain of Madhya Pradesh is a very holy city and it is situated on the banks of holy shipra river. Ujjain is also famous for many temples including mahakaleshwar temple of lord Shiva. the kumbh mela of ujjain is also having a much important place in Indian culture.

As Ujjain braces for millions of visitors every year, security arrangements and infrastructure need to be prepared on a war footing.
The Mela site covers 2152 hectares, divided into four zones and 10 sectors to accommodate devotees and akharas. Seventy-four kilometre-long pipelines are being laid for water supply, and four sub-stations have been set up to supply power.
Some of the material advantages to the city of this mega event may be of a lasting nature. For instance, some of the old historic temples are being renovated. The area around the Bhagwan Mahakaleshwar temple is being developed. The administration also promises adequate security arrangements and a vaccination drive to prevent epidemics. In addition, seven satellite towns have been made on the approach road to the city, to provide travellers with medical requirements, tele-communications facilities and other necessities, including enquiry offices and police stations. These arrangements are being made with the help of the local people and voluntary organisations, according to information provided by the Government of Madhya Pradesh.




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